January 28, 2012

Vintage Finds

Today I went to this estate sale (it wasn't exactly that but it's the best way to explain it) where I got a few awesome pieces for a great price. My grandpa was told about this women selling  some old furniture from her Mom's house who passed away last year at 101. There wasn't much furniture left and no credenza but what I did get was pretty great.
Vintage Jar of Buttons $0.25
Beautiful Floral Tray $1.00
Divided Snowflake Casserole Dish w/glass lid $4.00
Smokey Mountain Map (N.C & VA) never opened FREE

After not finding furniture at the first place my grandpa and I stopped by a thrift store that had just opened up. It was more of an odds and ends shop with new and old items. I didn't find much but I got a cute mood ring and this nesting doll. Sadly I thought there were a few more whole pieces but when I checked it again it was just the top of one and the bottom of another piece.
Hunting Fox Nesting Doll $1.00

I'm hoping to get the map framed and use it for my antique collage but I'm still looking for my paint by numbers and of course the mid century credenza/sideboard.


  1. Great finds! And that fox? So cool! Even by itself;)

  2. Good scores. I especially like the divided casserole dish. I love the snowflake print, but haven't come across too much of it.

  3. wow, amazing finds! I am so envious of the fox nesting doll... for $1?!? Incredible!


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