February 27, 2011

Future Project

I found this cute and interesting owl at the thrift store for 50 cents. As you can see it's suppose to be a mug, but the ceramic cup doesn't come out so it'd be difficult to wash without getting the wicker wet. Instead I'm thinking about putting a candle inside by using some old candles we have around the house. All I really need now is a new wick. I'm hoping to get this project finished by this weekend!

February 24, 2011

My Culinary Instincts are Tingling

Even though I go to a culinary school I'm actually majoring in Restaurant, Food and Beverage Management (that's a mouthful!) I did have a term of the basic culinary classes (they called us "rednecks" because our neckties were burgundy for hospitality) where I learned a lot but once I left the huge stainless steel kitchens I didn't do much cooking. Mainly because I didn't have a kitchen until much later but also they spoiled us a bit by having everything we needed right at our finger tips. Anyway, every now and then I get the urge to bring out one of the classroom cookbooks and get my cook on. My only problem is our fridge is empty, well not empty but lacking the supplies needed to make the recipes, so no fancy dinner for the le boyfriend when he gets home. I'll definitely be putting the ingredients on the grocery list though!! (You guys are lucky I didn't save the picture of me in the culinary uniform, they were very unflattering and huge unlike the new ones they have)

February 22, 2011

budget chip clips

I've been busy these past weeks with projects and now this week will be filled with exams, YIKES! Since I won't be blogging for a little while here is a quick tip that I thought I'd share with you all.

These binder clips are a great to use in place of chip clips. There are more in a pack for the same price (or less) you would to buy multiple clips. Also they come in many different colors and prints for a little bit more. They're not only for chips closing purposes but are good for closing the bag salad or other food items that don't have resealable top. It's what we use and it's help us save on food items that would easily spoil or become stale due to leaving it open.

February 17, 2011

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

(via Design*Sponge)

There are a lot of ways to be eco-friendly in your everyday life and it's easier than you think. All these items used are more than likely already in your kitchen but if not they're not expensive very affordable. 

  1. Clean your counter tops with vinegar.
    Simple pour some white vinegar on a washcloth and clean the counter top. It even gets off the stuff left by the chemical multi-purpose cleaners and doesn't leave a strong smell. One thing is NOT to use it on marble, if you're not sure simple search the web to make sure that it doesn't harm your counter top. As far as I know it is only marble that you shouldn't use it on but its better safe than sorry.
  2. Use vinegar to clean stainless steel.
    Save money on those expensive wipes and chemical stainless steel cleanings and use vinegar. Simply pour it on a wash cloth and wipe all the those annoying finger prints away.
  3. Use steam to clean the microwave.
    In a large microwave safe bowl fill with water and lemon juice, microwave for a few minutes. Allow the steam to fill the microwave and then remove the bowl. Take a wash cloth and wipe the spills away with ease. Your microwave will be spotless and have a fresh scent.
  4. Get rid of counter top scratches with mayonnaise.
    Apply mayo on the scratch and let sit for 6-10 minutes. Wipe up the excess mayo and rinse with water. Depending on the severity of the scratch and the material of the counter top the scratch should stay gone for a long time. 
  5. Make your own deodorizer.
    Fill a spray bottle with tap water and drop a generous (about 15 drops) of essential oils of your choice to create your own scents for the home.
  6. Use lemon to deodorize garbage disposals.
    If the garbage disposal is starting to smell funky simple drop in lemon wedges or the skins and turn it on. This will leave the disposal with a fresh lemon sent and get rid of the horrid smell.
  7. Clean the tub with baking soda and vinegar.
    In a spray bottle spritz the bathtub with vinegar, then pour some baking soda in the tub. After that spray the tub again with more vinegar. Leave for 20 minutes then scrub and rinse off with water. To prevent mold spray again with the vinegar and let dry before taking a shower.
  8. Unclog drains with baking soda and vinegar.
    Pour 3/4 cup of baking soda down the clogged drain, after pour 1/2 cup of vinegar. Quickly cover the drain with a plug or wash cloth due to the chemical reaction which acts like a volcano. Leave there for 15 minutes and then revel an unclog sink.
  9. Use powder detergent to freshen carpet.
    It may not be completely eco-friendly but it is friendly on the wallet. Spread your powder detergent on the carpet and let sit for a few minutes. Vacuum like normal and have a great smelling carpet without spending any extra cash.
  10. Use rubbing alcohol and vinegar to clean windows.
    In a spray bottle mix together one cup rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, one cup water and one tablespoon white vinegar. Spray on windows, mirrors or hard surface ceramic tile (for a shiny finish).
I hope these tips help you realize that eco-friendly can be easy and affordable. There are so many reasons to get away from the harsh chemicals and back to simplicity when it comes to cleaning.  

February 8, 2011

D.I.Y | Vintage Frame

We have been bombarded with cardboard boxes and I wanted to put them to use. I thought of making just a cardboard frame but it expanded from that to this DIY. Hope you enjoy!

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • exacto knife
  • ruler
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • decorative contact paper (or shelf liner)

1. Draw out a frame shape in pencil on the cardboard.

2. Use the exact-o knife to score the top layer of the cardboard. Gently bend at the lines and use scissors to cut out the frame. *Be very careful when using this knife because it is extremely sharp.

3. To get the center of the frame out cut a cross in the center and take it out by pieces.

4. I ended up making the bottom round because when cutting it out I messed up. That's why you must be careful when cutting around the curves if you choose this design.

5. Lay the "frame" on the sticky side of the contract paper

6. Cut up to the frame in pieces so it is easier to wrap around the frame. Cut the center and do the same as with the exterior. Cut away any excess that will show on the front side.

7. Cut ribbon at desired length and hot glue to the back of the frame. Also if the contact paper doesn't stick feel free to use tape or hot glue to lay the pieces down.

8. Finally make as many as you like then decorate them with paint pens or sharpies and hang them up in the arrangement that pleases you :)


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