June 9, 2016

Life || The Baking World

I work as a Pastry Chef in Charlotte and had the honor of doing a Baker Backstory for the bakeries blog page. No glamour shots in a fancy white chef coat but the real work it takes to run a bakery open 24 hours (of course with the help of my other coworkers!!) Anyway it was fun to answer the questions and I was a little embarrassed the only animal I could think of that a baker would be is a cat. Click here to read the article and see one of the cakes I decorate for work :) 

May 28, 2016

Art || Ambear Art

Here is a preview on my newest little business venture! Just fun digital art doodles with my lamest talent I possess...word play!

I'm in the process of printing them and have plans on doing other fun things with them like pillows, t-shirts, and mugs. I would really love to do some enamel pins but that would be more ofun a future project. Feel free to like my etsy shop (link to come) and follow my progress and get sneak peaks on Instagram at iambearart or look me up at Ambear Art on Facebook!

May 26, 2016

Memorial Day Deals!!

Click image to link to page!

Life || First Wedding Cake

My friends finally tied the knot on Friday May 13th and I was honored when they asked me to do their wedding cake. It was a real challenge due to the fact I was making it at my apartment (that I share with two other roommates) and I was part of the bridal party. I could only bake a day ahead and had to assemble the cake at the venue. Of course things went wrong because this is real life and not a bakery but in the end my friends loved it.
Though I vowed never to make a friends wedding cake again I learned from this experience as a baker trying to work from home. I didn't let the cake stress damper my wedding fun and I had a fantastic time. Now I just need to have my own place with a few massive ovens and a fifty quart mixer! A baker can dream right?

April 29, 2016

Decor || Up and Coming

Via Domino

I know it's been a long time coming, but I just saw this as an opportunity to slowly make my way back into blogging or casual blogging as I call it. So I was very excited when I read on Laurel & Wolf about the newest trend of banana/palm leaf print and couldn't stop thinking of all the possiblities. With them being an online interior design company I was inspired to create a virtual room that reflected my first thought of this fun pattern...retro!

$650 | Rockwell Sofa | Charcoal Heather | Target.com
$18 | Pillow Cover | Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms | KathleenAnnHome
$9.99 |  Velvet Throw Pillow | 18" Spicy Orange | World Market
$89 |  Plum & Bow Tia Mark Making Printed Rug | 5x7 Gold | Urban Outfitters
$4.68 | Banana Leaf Digital Print | 11x14 | TheHomeGirlsEtsy
$31.50 | Ampersand Hand Embroidered Hoop Art | Flamingersand | MCreativeJ
$39 | Wilder California Beverly Hills Banana Tree Art Print | 8x10 Black Frame | Urban Outfitters
$80.99 | Chester End Table | Gold Metal Hexagon | Target
$18 | Small Dinosaur Planter | Rainforest Parasaurolophus | TwoTreesBotanicals
$59.99 | Ceramic Lamp with White Shade | Pink | Hobby Lobby

This pattern really lets you explore your wild side and not just with color, but with patterns too. I first found the pillow though after putting together a "room" I didn't feel a pillow alone did it any justice. I thought outside of the box and went for a retro funky feel with the pattern and brought it up to the wall. From there I pulled colors from the print to bring together the accessories. By going with this style I feel I can represent the print in multipule pieces within the room without it seeming like too much. 

Hope you all like what I put together and become inspired to add this retro pattern into your design plans!

November 9, 2015


I've been getting a lot of emails lately inquiring about doing some work with the blog. It's exciting and a few I've had to decline just because I haven't been as active but hoping to be once I get a bit more settled into the city. Though almost everyone has said they found me in Raleigh blogs searches and I just wanted to clarify that I'm not in that area. I'm living the baker life in the Queen City of Charlotte! I'm in no way saying you can't collaborate with me and the blog I just wanted to make it clear that I'm a good ways away from Raleigh. However, if my job ever asked me to help open shop in the State Capital I'd be 100% on board but as for now my new home is Charlotte.

I also have some post to well...post. I have a lot going on, but honestly who doesn't. I'm trying to get comfortable in my new home, plus I've my been on budget since the move so I'm trying to think of creative things to do when having to adult. Never fear you'll hear or "read" about me!

September 28, 2015

D.I.Y || Photo to Fabric Throw Pillow

|| What You Need ||

Blank Canvas Pillow or Pillow Case 
I got this mini pillow at Target for $3
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
Foam Brush
Spray Bottle with Water

1. With the foam brush you want to put a layer of the medium on the image making sure you cover it until you no longer see the image. Place the side with the medium on the canvas making sure to get rid of an excess from the sides and press firmly. I used an image from an old calendar I had, hence the numbers, but you want to make sure the image has the medium and is on top of the fabric.

2. Allow it to sit for 24 hours!! This is very important as to let it completely dry. When it's time spray the image lightly with the spray bottle and rub until the paper starts to peel. Be careful not to rub it in the same area because it'll start to peel away the image too.

Once you're done wipe and  voila!! A cute decorative pillow.  

Also bonus: The pillow is suppose to be the gold glittery polka-dots but I just thought it'd look cute to use it as a reversible throw pillow :)

Wondering about that adorable cat planter? There is a simply DIY for it right here.

September 17, 2015

D.I.Y | Before and After Bambo Nightstand

My wonderful friends gave me this nightstand when I first moved out of my own and I had been meaning to paint it ever since but I had trouble figuring out what exactly I wanted.

Since my bed frame and lamp is already white I wanted something with color that would also go with my dark blue bedspread. As usual I Pinterested my heart out and finally decided on red.

I always check for mismatched paint and lucky for me they had a red paint very close to what I wanted. I only needed to purchase another sample paint color to have enough. I mixed the two together and though I was getting worried it looked more pinkish it did darken up some after drying.

There you have it! For less than $5 in paint and spraying the handles with metallic spray I already had I updated a free dresser. I say that's a win!

September 15, 2015

Let's Get Moving

I've moved a couple times in the last few years from going back to my home town to a new adventure into the mountain town of Boone. Back in April my dream job at a world famous bakery became available; I took my chances and put in my resume. I was hired as part of their pastry team and started working in May which meant I needed to move to Charlotte. Well after handling my old place and commuting from my parents I finally have an apartment in the city! Luckily I have a majority of my stuff already boxed in storage but I still have some essentials I need to repack so naturally I created an adorable list to help me out. Plus I made two printable versions that you can use for your moving day!


Hope this helps keep things organized and feel free to use the blank one for any addition items if you'd like to be more specific!

September 10, 2015

D.I.Y | Faux Chalkboard Planner

Since coming back on the blog scene I needed something to write down ideas and just keep my thoughts organized. As much as I want a real fancy planner that isn't in my budget so instead I let the crafter in me take over! It's real easily and cost less than a high end planner.

|| What You Need ||
Blank Front Planner 
Printed Inspirational Quote 
Stickers (Used as tabs)
Permanent White Pen  
Mod Podge (optional)

1. You want to flip over the paper with the inspirational quote and rub the area where the words and images are with the pencil.

2. Lay the paper with the shaded back on top of the planner where you want the design to go. Then take the pencil and trace over the lettering. Be very careful not to move the paper around.

3. It will be faint but there should be an outline that you can trace over with the white permanent pen.
4. Allow to dry and feel free to do a layer of Mod Podge to include a little label at the bottom which I just printed from my computer.

5. For tabs just simply take the stickers and fold over the edge making sure it can be seen when shut. 


I wasn't sure what I wanted on the front of my planner so I did a few ideas that you're free to print for your own Faux Chalkboard Planner or other DIY projects!!


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