January 21, 2012

Sale on Craft'n Bettie (Almost Everything Reduced)

I finally figured out the direction I want to go with Craft'n Bettie and with that there are a lot of things that aren't returning. I want to keep more consistent styles and only add new ones every once in a while plus add vintage accessories. So with all that I put a lot of stuff in the sale section of the shop not to mention lowered the prices on both the Fall and Winter collections
Ravishing Red and Truly Teal are left Originally: $4 Now: $2
I would go even cheaper but I still want to make a profit even if it is a small one. 

I need to take a vacation from the shop to organize all my pricing, jewelry, create new pieces, and build up a vintage accessory inventory. I'm going to keep the site up for a while just to get rid of some of this inventory but hoping to take a break mid February. With Valentines day coming up this is the perfect time to pick up your friends and family some cute jewelry for a reasonably good price!

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