January 12, 2012

My Good Outfits Go To Waste

Sometimes I feel like my good business casual outfits tend to go to waste. I always think of the best ones when I only have one class then that class ends early. Oh well at least I know it works and can make it a "go to" outfit.

Blazer- Forever21//F21
Top- East 5th// JCPenny
Skirt-Chocolate Aline Skirt//Prototype Designs
Shoes- Xhilaration//Target
Earrings- Gift


  1. Oh my goodness! I love your outfit.
    There is NO much thing as a wasted outfit! As long as you look fabulous, who cares who sees it :) That's why you have a blog to blog about it ;) hehe

    Business casual is probably one of my favorites haha I guess its the wannabe professional in me.

    1. True true! It just makes an excuse to do more outfit post lol. I love finding different ways to dress business casual :) I don't have a ton of money so this has helped me to mix some nicer pieces into my casual wear and mix some of my casual into business attire. It's so much fun!!

      xo Amber P.

  2. Awesome outfit, I love it! And I agree with Melissa - the internet is your catwalk! :)


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