December 27, 2010

Make That Three!

Yes I'm sick with three different things. First it was a head cold followed by pinkeye then I woke up at 3 am today with my ears hurting and having trouble swallowing. I tried to fall back asleep but that wasn't happening. I then tried a warm washcloth which help for two seconds. Finally I was to the point I couldn't handle it so my boyfriend drove me to the emergency room. I had a double ear infection and my throat was swollen because of it. Luckily I got some antibiotics and pain killers that are working pretty good right now. I just want to get better, I've been sick since the beginning of last week and I'm so tired of being well...tired.

On a good note, even though I have to cut back my spending (by a lot) I have enough money to buy that bed frame. My other Grandparents gave me $50 for Christmas so as soon as I get the chance to go to Ikea I'll use that money to pay for the frame. I'm still not sure what we're going to do, but I think if we just assemble it now we can always go back and stain it later. I think I'm going to bake them some bread or something once I get to feeling better. Well this medicine is making me a little drowsy so I think I'm calling it a night and probably going to lay down for a bit. Goodnight!

December 26, 2010

Cute Plant Idea

These are actually suppose to be terrarium party favors but I think that'd look just fine as a plant vase minus the sticks in them. I'd really like to put them on a small little table near the front door but I haven't found one. Just a small cute table for a little "drop off area" when I walk in from a long day. I already have a little plate to drop off keys and spare change, plus a couple of knic-knacs. I think the plants would add a nice touch. Though my only concern is keeping them alive long enough to admire the cuteness of them, oh well I'll risk it. I'm going to try again at the local thrift store and see if they have the table I'm looking for then I can try this project out!

December 25, 2010

What a Great Christmas!

I got a nice amount of gifts and some really good belated house warming presents.

My new favorite dish towl!

Matching oven mitts. 

Holiday appropriate mugs.

Ignore the fact I took a picture of the Spanish side for I can't read it, but hand mixer is beyond awesome!

These weren't the only awesome gifts I received; my Mom made us tons of baked goods and my Aunt and Uncle got us a box of Grippos (chips only sold in the state they live in now.) Even though it went by really fast this Christmas was a good one. Hope everyone is enjoying their night and if you're already settled in that you enjoyed your day. Goodnight!

December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Just wanting to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday!

My Apologizes

Sorry for the recent explosion of post but I was simply moving some of the old post from the old blog. Not all post were moved over but the ones that mattered did. I do have more personal post but those were left behind on the old blog. I'll be posting new things soon, feel free to check out the old post and leave comments as you would like.

Happy Thanksgiving

I always loved watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving because it showed that you don't need a fancy display or gourmet food to have a great Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful so much for my family and friends but also my boyfriend and all the things that made me who I am today. I'm also thankful for cappuccinos, Target, Forever21 and chocolate cake but  I'll put that on my et cetera list.

What are you thankful for?

Preparing for Thanksgiving

(image from Design*Sponge)

If you're the "lucky" person who is hosting the Thanksgiving dinner then cooking food isn't your only worry. You also have to think about cleaning the house and prepping for all the relatives. Here is a simple list (with some easy cleaning tips) to make today a little less stressful.

  • Drop off area
    Designate an area for relatives to drop off their coats and purses either by placing a table in the entry way or just an area in the living room
  •  Cleaning If you have carpet don't waste money buying a carpet cleaner. Try sprinkling a little laundry detergent on the carpet then vacuum it . This gives the carpet fresh scent without all the hassle.

    If there are young children put any valuables up higher or away so nothing gets broken and no one swallows anything.

    Don't forget to clean between the cushions of the sofa or chairs. For a quick fabric freshener combine one part baking soda, one part fabric softener, and two parts warm water in an empty spray bottle.  
  • Prep the bathroom
    Don't leave someone searching for the toilet paper and place it where it can easily be found or seen.

    Also to keep things "fresh" keep a lighted scented candle or place a spray like frebreeze for them to use (
    DO NOT place both in the bathroom.)   
  • Bring out extra sittingEven if Thanksgiving dinner is done family style you'll still need extra sitting when everyone comes together after eating. Ottomans are a great for extra sitting or even simple folding chairs.  
  • Stock up on medicineNot to say you're a bad cook but eating so many different things at once may cause someones stomach to be upset. Be prepared by buying heartburn relief medicine,gas relief, and stomach pain relief.

    *Also buying headache medicine would be a good idea too.  
  • Make arrangements If you will be serving alcohol at the dinner talk to other family members who aren't drinking to either carpool or volunteer to drive those that may have had a little too much home. If not then wash those extra sheets and prep the spare room.

 Feel free to print this out and use it as a check list for today. I hope this helps!

'Tis the Season

The winter holidays are just around the corner and it's time to start thinking of gift ideas. There is only one thing though, you have no idea what to get them! Never fear for I am here to help with six gift ideas for the six different type of people in your life. Oh did I mention most are around $20?

1. The Fashionista- You can never have enough purses so try pairing a simple colored purse and a matching piece of jewelry like these from Forever21.
2. The Crafter- Being a crafter myself I love looking to other sites for ideas, so why not give them a book full of ideas like this one from Mod Cloth.
3. The Baker- Baking is fun so why can't the tools be as well? Simply tie a ribbion around these beautiful pot holders from Antropologie and tuck these adorable measuring spoons from Plasticland inside. 
4. The Music Guru- Show them how much you care about their tunes by giving them an awesome poster of their favorite band like this one from
5. The Reader- Something classic for a classic person; fill their stocking with one of these amazing hardcovers of an old classic like this beautiful hardcover of Pride and Prejudice from Mod Cloth.
6. The Joker- For someone that always has something funny to say give them a shirt that shows it like this one from

Desk Sweet Desk

When I was moving out of my Grandparent's house a couple of things got left behind, one of them was my desk. I started using it as my craft station but when I got my laptop I used it as an actual computer desk. Well my Grandparent's brought it over this afternoon and I'm excited to make it my desk again.


One thing I was thinking about doing was changing out the knobs, but wasn't sure what style. I definitely want to get them from Antropologie but there are so many choices:
  There are more on the site that I loved but these are more around my budget and style. Which one do you think goes well with the desk?

We already discussed decorating with three colors with tertiary scheme, next is one style of decorating using only two colors. Complementary colors are the hues opposite of each other on the color wheel. Each color brings out the other and as you would say “complements” one another. Here are a few examples.

The next style that only uses two colors is called adjacent colors. These two colors are neighbors on the color wheel and harmonize each other. This room is a great example of how to work with adjacent colors.

Primary Tertiary

(image via Apartment Therapy)
I haven’t done a guide in a very long time so I’m really overdue for one. Lucky for you I found some time to share with you a color guide Part 1. I know the color wheel like the back of my hand due to art class and my interior design class in high school. One of the color schemes that is easy to achieve is the tertiary. Tertiary colors are a group of three colors on the color wheel that when connected make a triangle. Today I’m going to create a room using the primary tertiary colors: red, blue and yellow. Yes, the image above inspired the room.

(ignore the Retro Chic logo it was the former name of this blog)

D.I.Y | Ikea Dresser

I seen this amazing before and after of this Ikea Rast Dresser that I had to try out. It wasn't hard but it would have been a whole lot easier if I had just finished it all on  day it was sunny instead of trying to wait the rain out. Here is what I have so far.
I used white high gloss pant on the front of the dresser, and stained it with antique walnut with polyurethane included on the sides. I traded out the wooden nobs with silver ones. I didn't get the stain as dark as I wanted it, but I can always try again later. After everything the cost for this dresser was around $50. I thought about getting another one and putting them side by side to make it look like a 6 piece dresser but that's another day and another project :)
Have a before and after you'd like to share? Send it to me at:
with the title of "Before and After" and I'll post it on the site.

Centerpieces for the Kitchen

We finally bought a kitchen table that was on sale plus it has the look I want. The only problem is its kinda bland. I really would like to have it "set up" but it's sorta posing as our desk (since I've taken over the little laptop podium.) The one thing I can think that will jazz it up would be a nice little centerpiece but I'm still uncertain on what I really want. This guide is here to help you decide and also help me figure out what I should use as a centerpiece.

When it comes to center pieces two items come to mind: flowers or fruit.  The thing isn't what flowers or fruit to choose but what to put it in? Here are a few idea that can be used.

     Flower Vases

1. Flower pots -  go green and use old flower pots as centerpieces.
2. Traditional glass vase - if you like things clean and simple then this vase is for you.
3. Antique vase - For a clean but antique look go for theantique milkwhite vases.
4. Object vase- Let your artisic side show with object vases.
5. Assorted vases- You can use old glasses, or even different ceramic vase to achieve this look.
Fruit Bowls
Here are some ideas for fruit bowls to use as center pieces.
Some other suggestions would be using a decortive vase, candles or even an assortment of empty vases.

Eclectic Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen and don't know which style to stick with? Then go Eclectic!! It's a great way to
merge some of your favorite styles in one. Eclectic is typically neutral with colors (if you choose) in the accents but it's all up to you what styles you want where. Here are some ideas to help you make your own eclectic kitchen.
1. Checkered Floors- Try a retro feel with this flooring type. If black and white is not your thing try a different color combo like gray and white, or beige and cream.
2. Wood Floors- If you want a non-traditional kitchen flooring go for a wood floor. You may see them more
in kitchens now days but it still is different from the typical linoleum, or vinyl.
3. Stone Floors- Add a little rustic touch with a stone floor. Choose different sizes to give it a unique eclectic appeal like the image shown.
4. Pattern tiles- If you're really bold go for a pattern tile such as the one pictured. Be mindful about how bold you go and pick something you know you can standing looking at all hours of the day.

With appliancecs you can go vintage, modern or a combonation of both.
There are a couple of ways to go with your style of cabinets in an eclectic kitchen. One way is by mixing a more vintage cabinet in with a modern island, extra storage units or table. The second is a reverse of the first where the cabinets are more mordern slick with vintage island, or etc. The third is a combo of elements of a wooden cabinet with different door fronts from metal, colored or frosted glass.

Again it's all about your favorite styles but this is also a great opportunity to add color!
1. Glass tiles- eco friendly and comes in multiple colors.
2. Porcelain tile- classic and clean great for more of a traditional but modern backsplash.
3. Metallic tiles- its a new twist on the tradtional tile and gives both a modern and vintage look.
4. Mosaic tile- it can be great to add color and a beatiful pattern such as the one in the image.
It's eclectic so mix and match your favorite styles. Here are a couple ideas.

This is what helps tie everything together and bring in the colors.
1. Retro Aqua Owl Ceramic Mug $14 @ Plastic Land
2. Love Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers $14 @ Urban Outfitters
3. Cutensils Cutlery Set $29.99 @ Mod Cloth
4. Dotty Match Pot Holders $12 @ Antropologie
5. Vintage Chair Print Square Ceramic Plates $22 @ Plastic Land
6. GODIS MIX Glass $6.99 / 6 pack @ Ikea

It's all up to you how you want your eclectic kitchen to look. I hope these tips help you figure out you own style!

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is a popular style that adapted from the homes of the Hollywood stars thanks to William Haines. The style is heavily infulenced by Modernism but also includes glamous antiques and dramatic pieces. Some of the characteristics of Hollywood regency is clean-lined upholstery, bold colors, lacquered pieces, Neoclassical elements, Chinoiserie prints, moroccan influences, Mirrored Furniture, and Bamboo furniture. Bring a little bit of retro glamour into your space with this Hollywood regency setup.

1. Parlour Sofa $999 @
2 Coqo floral rug $78 @
3. Galaxy Wall Mirror $29.99 @
4. Spheres Lamp $29.99 @
5. IKEA STOCKHOLM Coffee table $199 @ Ikea
6. Bohemian Bouquet Curtain $28 online only @
7. Velvet Pouf Pillow $20 @
8. Etched Vanity Mirror Tray $28 online only @


Formally Retro Chic and I'm slowly moving over old blog post and will start writing new ones here soon.


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