January 19, 2012

Vintage Finds

Earlier this week I went with my Mother and her husband to this place that was basically a giant yard sale in an old Lowes building.
As interesting as this place was I didn't get as much stuff from here as I expected. Though I did spot an awesome coffee maker for my Mom's shop..it just needs some fixing but it looked awesome. Anyway I did pick up a few mugs to fill out my shelf, a cork board for the refrigerator, and a neat little clip board.
I rotated the picture but for some reason it won't upload that way
The store didn't have prices on things so you basically just show them what you have and they give you an estimate. I got all this for $1 and with all proceeds going to the church's mission trips I donated $2 to them.
Also for your enjoyment:
I told Derrick (my Mom's husband) it looked like she was riding in one of those swan shaped peddle boats.

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  1. oh my god! that place looks amazing, can i come with you haha...i love good vintage finds, and i definitely could see myself shopping in a spot like this


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