January 14, 2012

Vintage Finds

Last night my boyfriend and I spent some quality time with my family. We went out to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants and being as the only place to "shop" in town is Walmart we headed over there to walk off our meal. When we were done we went to my Mom's house so Dustin could work on a computer. while there she let me pick through some of her vintage items that she was still rummaging through for her etsy shop Red Rover Retro.
The box had a lot of stuff that would sell and wouldn't and I got my pick of a pumpkin container, a plate that matches some I already have (this one had a manufacturer chip), and a french press that was not so vintage. Then as I was telling her how I have been looking for vintage knobs for the dresser (particularly the round spheres) she pulls out a ziplock of the old knobs that use to be on the kitchen cabinets. They were exactly what I was looking for!!
 For the moment I'm just going to line the drawers with some pretty Martha Stewart brand shelf paper just so I can get those closes on the right out of baskets. Later on through I want to sand it down the whole dresser and stain it a lighter shade.
Total cost: $0.00 I think I had a great day yesterday.

Also as I mentioned my Mom has an etsy shop where she sells vintage housewares at a great price. She and her husband has found some really amazing vintage pieces. The shop has only been up for about a month but she has a lot of items to offer. Feel free to check out her shop and leave a comment about your favorite piece :)

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