January 3, 2012

Responsible Blogging

This blog isn't very old but I have had my share of blogs as a teenager (anyone remember Xanga?) so I've learned my way around on my own. With this being the beginning of the year I know a lot of people start  blogging for multiple reasons so here are some tips I've gathered over the years that I practice myself as a blogger.
Sourcing Images
I know a lot of people search images on Google, Pinterest, or Tumblr and simple copy the image on their computer and later upload it without the original source. Even if the image is floating around on the interest someone took or created the image you are using. They do deserve credit for the photo so link backs or a click through to the original blog or website is a must. For many it is the fact they don't know how to include a url link (i.e http://www.websitename.com) to text or images. Lucky for you most blogging sites include buttons ,such as "link" like Blogspot, that once the text is highlighted or by clicking on the image* you can click the link button that will open a window that allows you to paste the url and turns it automatically for you, but some websites require a html code. For those sites copy and paste the codes below depending on what you are coding and insert the url.

For Text:

For Image:

*if you used the url to upload the image on blogspot click on image and then click on "link" to get rid of that url . Then click the image again then click "link" to put the url that will connect to the article or website where the image was originally used.

Sharing Original Ideas
Everyone loves a good DIY post but it is also great to source the inspirations or the original person that you got the instructions from. Sometimes your original idea may have already been done before but when you find a project from another blog that you are trying out and are going to share in a post you need to give credit for the original inspiration. For example I have always thought about making faux oxfords before using some white shoes and markers, but I never did the project.  Then a few months back I stumbled upon a blogger who thought of the same idea and posted the DIY. When I finally decided to do the project for the blog I sourced it to the person who inspired me to actually go out and do the project even though the idea had occurred to me before hand. It's just something nice to do for other bloggers and it can also help you when others link to your projects.

Blogs are a great place to meet other bloggers with common interest but when you start to let your guard down because you are friends with a few people who read your blog remember it is still the internet where anyone can see it. I'm not saying to not make friends but be aware of personal things you post that people can use to access your information. Some people look for those simple things that they can use to answer your security questions. Just remember if you have something set as an answer avoid the subject on the blog or change your security question to something completely different. Also think of the consequences of a post such as an angry post about your boss or a party where you got drunk. Posting about it on your blog is just as bad as a eye-half-closed-red-solo-cup-in-hand photo you've been tagged in on Facebook. Now don't be afraid to share your feelings or a great party you went to on your blog just be wary of the information you put out.

Friendly Networking
Everyone wants to get their blog noticed and networking is a great way to do it but there is a friendly way and an annoying way. Commenting on others post is a great start but there is a difference between spamming and truly leaving a nice comment. It's okay if you're a new visitor to let them know but don't comment on every post like that. Say something positive such as something related to the post you just read or if you've been catching up (since you are new) mention how you really enjoy their blog. Also it is okay to ask them if they could check out your blog in return but don't mention it in every comment on that persons page. That is when it becomes spam. It is important to respect all bloggers regardless if they have a few readers or over a thousand; we are all human. One thing I hate is when people piggy back on well known bloggers for "15 minutes of fame" for their blog to get noticed. I know some blog friendship just kind of fade out but there is a difference when you only talk to them for a very long time only to gain readers.

Common Courtesy
This one is rather simple but treat others as you would like to be treated. When leaving a comment think of how you would feel if someone responded that way, especially if someone asked your opinion. You can get your thoughts across without sounding mean if you have an opposing view. Also do not hide behind annon to say a mean comment just because they felt comfortable enough to post something does not give you the right for your mean or hateful words. Be nice to others and you'll have a positive blog where you can feel comfortable being yourself.

I hope these responsible blogging tips are helpful for you to start your own blog or maintain your current one!


  1. Wow, thanks so much for this post, it's a good idea to keep things like this in perspective when blogging . Greatly appreciated!


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