August 14, 2017

Have You Checked It Out?

Have you checked out the Ambear Art Etsy site yet? Well it's up and running and has available prints to ship plus some made to order prints too. I have more prints I will post once it starts to take off and I'm hoping by the end of the year to have button pins, a few enamels and totes available. I'll post most of my progress here but also feel free to follow Ambear Art on Instragram with iambeart

March 16, 2017

Little Marble Cake

  For my friends birthday I wanted to make her something special. So I let her know I would make her a cake but the flavor and style would be a surprise.
   I had been wanting to play around with a marble style cake with buttercream and decorate it with sweets! So I made her a little six inch vanilla cake with homemade Italian buttercream and strawberries between the layers. I melted white chocolate and did a pour over on the side and added vanilla oreos, white chocolate bars and white chocolate cover strawberries.
   Everything with the cake went well despite not having all my tools with me. I'm excited to play around with more cakes like these!

January 4, 2017

It's been a few years since I've really been committed to the blog and really kept up with it. I've popped in from time to time and tried to make my way back into the blogging world with no success. However this year I've set some goals that I kind of had in motion and I feel I need some way to keep track of my progress. I have business ventures I want to push harder on and a lot of learning that will help me get closer to my ultimate goals. I'll try to keep things fun again with a few weekly post but starting out I'm just going to document my thoughts and progress. Some of the things I'm hoping to achieve within the year or get further on are:
  • Growing my businesses (The Calm Collected and Ambear Art)
  • Baking more at home and working on recipes
  • Being healthier and exercising more
  • Improving my coffee knowledge and latte art
  • Involving myself more in the community
I know these aren't really big things, but they are important to me and I feel by opening this space back up I will be more likely to do them. What are some of your resolutions or goals that you want to pursue this year? 


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