January 29, 2012

Craft'n Bettie Update

Before I head off to the craft store I just wanted to update you about my shop

I have added a few more sales items and lowered ones already listed.
I have added a new section with 1/2 price items mostly from the Fall and Winter collections

Since it adds $1.00 Shipping and Handling for every additional item you purchase I'm willing to return the difference if you buy three items or more. Unless the package is rather heavy then if shouldn't be more than $3.00 to ship but sometimes you get a surprise and it does cost more. If there is a big difference between cost of shipping and handling then I'll be glad to return that difference.


  1. I so want those teal rose earrings D:

    1. They are really cute and I only have two pairs left!

      xo Amber P.


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