January 12, 2012


The other day I read a couple of amazing post on wonderful artist and a lot of people who aspired to find their artistic style. It had me thinking the same thing about my own style. I've been drawing since I was very young and I did well redrawing images I saw. While in high school I took almost all the art classes available and improved on my drawing and later challenged myself to draw people better.
 Then I started working with watercolors a bit. 

Now that I've challenged myself in those ways I want to challenge myself again to find my own style. I would love to start a daily challenge but I'm afraid I won't be committed to it but maybe a weekly challenge. I know some of my favorite artist have weekly challenges like Ambird's Sunday Night Drawing Challenge where she list words and you find a way to incorporate them into a drawing. It sounds fun and I might try doing that and figure my own style of drawing :) 

Are any of you looking for your artistic style of drawing/painting/etc?


  1. I love your last two pieces, the fox and the cat! Great colours and all!
    I would totally love to see more of your work!


  2. Yes. I have always loved to draw and paint and would love to figure out my own style...keep us posted. What a good idea. A little motivation! BTW I love the fox and the cat pic.


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