December 24, 2010

Eclectic Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen and don't know which style to stick with? Then go Eclectic!! It's a great way to
merge some of your favorite styles in one. Eclectic is typically neutral with colors (if you choose) in the accents but it's all up to you what styles you want where. Here are some ideas to help you make your own eclectic kitchen.
1. Checkered Floors- Try a retro feel with this flooring type. If black and white is not your thing try a different color combo like gray and white, or beige and cream.
2. Wood Floors- If you want a non-traditional kitchen flooring go for a wood floor. You may see them more
in kitchens now days but it still is different from the typical linoleum, or vinyl.
3. Stone Floors- Add a little rustic touch with a stone floor. Choose different sizes to give it a unique eclectic appeal like the image shown.
4. Pattern tiles- If you're really bold go for a pattern tile such as the one pictured. Be mindful about how bold you go and pick something you know you can standing looking at all hours of the day.

With appliancecs you can go vintage, modern or a combonation of both.
There are a couple of ways to go with your style of cabinets in an eclectic kitchen. One way is by mixing a more vintage cabinet in with a modern island, extra storage units or table. The second is a reverse of the first where the cabinets are more mordern slick with vintage island, or etc. The third is a combo of elements of a wooden cabinet with different door fronts from metal, colored or frosted glass.

Again it's all about your favorite styles but this is also a great opportunity to add color!
1. Glass tiles- eco friendly and comes in multiple colors.
2. Porcelain tile- classic and clean great for more of a traditional but modern backsplash.
3. Metallic tiles- its a new twist on the tradtional tile and gives both a modern and vintage look.
4. Mosaic tile- it can be great to add color and a beatiful pattern such as the one in the image.
It's eclectic so mix and match your favorite styles. Here are a couple ideas.

This is what helps tie everything together and bring in the colors.
1. Retro Aqua Owl Ceramic Mug $14 @ Plastic Land
2. Love Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers $14 @ Urban Outfitters
3. Cutensils Cutlery Set $29.99 @ Mod Cloth
4. Dotty Match Pot Holders $12 @ Antropologie
5. Vintage Chair Print Square Ceramic Plates $22 @ Plastic Land
6. GODIS MIX Glass $6.99 / 6 pack @ Ikea

It's all up to you how you want your eclectic kitchen to look. I hope these tips help you figure out you own style!

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  1. My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. Hands down.


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