December 27, 2010

Make That Three!

Yes I'm sick with three different things. First it was a head cold followed by pinkeye then I woke up at 3 am today with my ears hurting and having trouble swallowing. I tried to fall back asleep but that wasn't happening. I then tried a warm washcloth which help for two seconds. Finally I was to the point I couldn't handle it so my boyfriend drove me to the emergency room. I had a double ear infection and my throat was swollen because of it. Luckily I got some antibiotics and pain killers that are working pretty good right now. I just want to get better, I've been sick since the beginning of last week and I'm so tired of being well...tired.

On a good note, even though I have to cut back my spending (by a lot) I have enough money to buy that bed frame. My other Grandparents gave me $50 for Christmas so as soon as I get the chance to go to Ikea I'll use that money to pay for the frame. I'm still not sure what we're going to do, but I think if we just assemble it now we can always go back and stain it later. I think I'm going to bake them some bread or something once I get to feeling better. Well this medicine is making me a little drowsy so I think I'm calling it a night and probably going to lay down for a bit. Goodnight!

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