December 24, 2010

Preparing for Thanksgiving

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If you're the "lucky" person who is hosting the Thanksgiving dinner then cooking food isn't your only worry. You also have to think about cleaning the house and prepping for all the relatives. Here is a simple list (with some easy cleaning tips) to make today a little less stressful.

  • Drop off area
    Designate an area for relatives to drop off their coats and purses either by placing a table in the entry way or just an area in the living room
  •  Cleaning If you have carpet don't waste money buying a carpet cleaner. Try sprinkling a little laundry detergent on the carpet then vacuum it . This gives the carpet fresh scent without all the hassle.

    If there are young children put any valuables up higher or away so nothing gets broken and no one swallows anything.

    Don't forget to clean between the cushions of the sofa or chairs. For a quick fabric freshener combine one part baking soda, one part fabric softener, and two parts warm water in an empty spray bottle.  
  • Prep the bathroom
    Don't leave someone searching for the toilet paper and place it where it can easily be found or seen.

    Also to keep things "fresh" keep a lighted scented candle or place a spray like frebreeze for them to use (
    DO NOT place both in the bathroom.)   
  • Bring out extra sittingEven if Thanksgiving dinner is done family style you'll still need extra sitting when everyone comes together after eating. Ottomans are a great for extra sitting or even simple folding chairs.  
  • Stock up on medicineNot to say you're a bad cook but eating so many different things at once may cause someones stomach to be upset. Be prepared by buying heartburn relief medicine,gas relief, and stomach pain relief.

    *Also buying headache medicine would be a good idea too.  
  • Make arrangements If you will be serving alcohol at the dinner talk to other family members who aren't drinking to either carpool or volunteer to drive those that may have had a little too much home. If not then wash those extra sheets and prep the spare room.

 Feel free to print this out and use it as a check list for today. I hope this helps!

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