December 24, 2010

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is a popular style that adapted from the homes of the Hollywood stars thanks to William Haines. The style is heavily infulenced by Modernism but also includes glamous antiques and dramatic pieces. Some of the characteristics of Hollywood regency is clean-lined upholstery, bold colors, lacquered pieces, Neoclassical elements, Chinoiserie prints, moroccan influences, Mirrored Furniture, and Bamboo furniture. Bring a little bit of retro glamour into your space with this Hollywood regency setup.

1. Parlour Sofa $999 @
2 Coqo floral rug $78 @
3. Galaxy Wall Mirror $29.99 @
4. Spheres Lamp $29.99 @
5. IKEA STOCKHOLM Coffee table $199 @ Ikea
6. Bohemian Bouquet Curtain $28 online only @
7. Velvet Pouf Pillow $20 @
8. Etched Vanity Mirror Tray $28 online only @

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