December 24, 2010

Centerpieces for the Kitchen

We finally bought a kitchen table that was on sale plus it has the look I want. The only problem is its kinda bland. I really would like to have it "set up" but it's sorta posing as our desk (since I've taken over the little laptop podium.) The one thing I can think that will jazz it up would be a nice little centerpiece but I'm still uncertain on what I really want. This guide is here to help you decide and also help me figure out what I should use as a centerpiece.

When it comes to center pieces two items come to mind: flowers or fruit.  The thing isn't what flowers or fruit to choose but what to put it in? Here are a few idea that can be used.

     Flower Vases

1. Flower pots -  go green and use old flower pots as centerpieces.
2. Traditional glass vase - if you like things clean and simple then this vase is for you.
3. Antique vase - For a clean but antique look go for theantique milkwhite vases.
4. Object vase- Let your artisic side show with object vases.
5. Assorted vases- You can use old glasses, or even different ceramic vase to achieve this look.
Fruit Bowls
Here are some ideas for fruit bowls to use as center pieces.
Some other suggestions would be using a decortive vase, candles or even an assortment of empty vases.


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  2. Thank you! I've meaning to do more articles like this one.


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