September 19, 2012

Vintage Find

I know it's been quite boring over here since school started but I thought I'd share the most ultimate awesome find. It's been months since I found some real good pieces and I lucked out last Saturday at the thrift store.

Paint by numbers set!!

It's pretty sweet and the frame is in excellent condition. Also it is one of the scenes I've been looking for on ebay and etsy plus I got them both for under $5. Now I just need to find a space to put these beauties up!

Today in class we made our chocolate boxes an mine didn't turn out nearly as great as I wanted it (I'll post pictures later). So many little things went wrong but I got a decent grade on it. Tomorrow is my practical which is a written test and to finish a specific praline recipe we worked on in class today. I'm so nervous but yet so relieved this class is almost over!! 


  1. Paint by numbers are always the greatest scores! Great find sweet pea!

    1. Thanks! What's even better is my Mom and Step Dad saw them last week an weren't sure what they were. So it was meant to be that were still there a week later :)

      xo Amber P.

  2. i love how crisp and saturated the colours are in paint by numbers. great score, amber.


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