September 5, 2012

Vintage Finds

Hi! I know I've been kind of boring the last few days but I have been having some bad insomnia lately. I've been trying to lay down before it gets too late but I still can't sleep. Then for some awful reason my body wants me to wake up at 6 or 7 am even though I didn't go to bed until 3 or 4 am! So I end up sleeping too long an next thing I know its time for work. I doubt you all really want to know about my crazy sleeping schedule.

 I had asked for Sunday morning off and was considering checking out the local flea market and ended up with my Mom and her husband going to two flea markets. The first one was tiny but I found a good couple of things.

$1 Chimney Rock Souvenir Tumbler (I can use for the bathroom design)
$1 Set of Witch Salt & Pepper Shakers for Halloween :) 
$0.50 Set of 4- 5inch table legs

The second flea market was much bigger, really crowded and it had already started to get hot. So we just walked around, grabbed some nachos, and browsed the outside covered tents. Mom found a blue Ball Jar but aside from that we didn't get any other good finds.

Monday I had the whole day off and after being unsuccessful at getting rid of some old clothing earlier that morning I went with Mom to Michael's Craft Store and Ross's.  Per usual I tried on a lot of things that looked so adorable on the hanger but not on me, however, I did find some really nice wine/maroon colored skinny jeans to match a silky scarf style open cardigan I got earlier that day. Next was Michael's where my main objective was to get some Halloween decor. And they had plenty of it, if only I had that kind of money/room but I came home with some good pieces. I picked up some "freaky fabric" as the label calls it but looks kind of like eerie cheese cloth, some spiders to hang on to the fabric, a small skull RIP headstone figurine and a DIY bat banner kit.
I put the banner together yesterday and tried to hang it up. I was too short on the step stool to hang up the ends so I volunteered Dustin to help hang it up. My plan was to hang up the ends then  hang them up at two more points but with everything in the way he couldn't reach but so far. I'm hoping to get a step ladder very soon that is a lot taller and I can get the bat banner up a bit higher. I'm so excited to be decorating for Halloween :) Has anyone else started decorating for Halloween or Fall?


  1. What a cute banner!

    P.S. Have you tried going to bed later on purpose? Perhaps if you go when you're too tired, you'll fall asleep easier. Hope it helps!

    1. I do try to lay down when I'm starting to get tired or bored. A friend of mind suggested reading so I might try to read a couple chapters before going to bed and see if that helps.

      xo Amber P.


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