September 20, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight II

As I promised more lovely bloggers for you to check out!

Green Eggs and Hamm is me, it's my online journal of things I adore.  I'm a hippy at heart and lover of all things old. I'm a crafter, treasure hunter, and a sandwich maker.  I sell records and vintage clothes on Etsy so I don't become a hoarder...because I totally could!

Let's Go Thrifting is a quirky solo operation run by blogger/freelance writer/photographer/vintage reseller and professional thrifter Jackie Jardine.  Featuring tips on secondhand shopping, vintage photo galleries, impressive thrift finds and assorted vintage oddities, Let's Go Thrifting is a funny little blog with a big personality

Hello!  My name is Jessie and my blog is My Mod Style.  I blog about my love for life, nature and design.  I hope to inspire others and meet people who have the same interests!

I'm Katherine, and my blog is Of Corgis & Cocktails, which I assure you, is not about feeding my corgi alcohol, that would be bad! I am all about quirky style, adorkable pups, and great food - which of course includes yummy drinks. I love to adventure in cities and you will always see new places on the blog!

Hello there! My name is Carli and I blog over at Sweet Dreams! My blog is a collection of photographs, music, passions, crafts, and how I am turning my dreams into true stories. Come on over

I'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and a tattoo apprentice/designer and city birds nest is where I show all the adventures I go on with my husband. I love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. I run my own shop filled with my original illustrations!

Stay tuned for more from this months sponsors and don't forget to check out Hey Zombot's giveaway (open until the end of the month) here on the blog!


  1. Oh, so many lovely blogs, I think I know what I'll do nothing :D

  2. Hurrah! Thanks again for all your support, Amber. I'll be spreading the word about The Owl's Den, for sure. Do you happen to have a Facebook page for your blog?

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. No problem at all I enjoy helping other bloggers out! I also appreciate you taking part in the sponsorship :) I do have a Facebook page; if you look on the left sidebar I have a list of all the sites I am on just click the link an it'll send you right over.

      xo Amber P.


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