July 6, 2011

21 Things- Thing 1

It's 21 days until I turn 21 and I thought I'd try this out. I got the idea from ♥elyica who did something similar on her blog and I thought it'd be something neat to do. Here it goes...

1. I'm left handed 

 I do everything with my left hand except when using scissors. It's a tough world for us left handed people and I've actually only met a handful. I know there were probably more in my classes they just never noticed me and got excited and gave me a high five (happens more than you think we lefties are united!). There are things I wish I could do better like writing neatly on chalk/maker boards and not having pencil smears on my paper but all in all I love that I'm left handed. They say left handed people use the right side of their brain more which I definitively do. Being left handed isn't really being "different" but being exactly who I am.

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