July 23, 2011

21 Things- Thing 18

18. I played clarinet in band.

Middle School band that is, not high school. I would have actually continued playing in high school but I wanted to do orchestra band rather than marching band and I wasn't sure how to sign up for just that. I still have the clarinet at my grandparents house but I don't play it anymore.



  1. A couple of my friends used to play clarinet in secondary school. I tried playing one of theirs and failed to even get it to make a sound that didn't sound like something dying, haha. D'ya reckon you'd still remember how to play it if you tried now?

  2. I think I still could play it okay, I remember a few notes but I'd have to practice a little to get the sound right. I found my ol' clarinet over at my Grandparents a few weeks ago and was going to try and play it but I didn't have any reeds for it :(

    -Amber P

  3. Band geeks unite! I played clarinet, too, and I also stopped after Jr High because the high school program was awful.

  4. I hated the bulky uniforms and being short didn't intrigue me to join. Also the crazy hours spent practicing outside and the marching wasn't for me.

    -Amber P.


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