July 18, 2011

21 Things- Thing 13

13. I'm an introvert

What exactly is an introvert? It's not simply having a shy personality but finding that being by yourself (or for me also being with few people) to be energizing than staying out and being around tons of people. While I enjoy being with my own thoughts I do like to get out but I tend to get drained, tired or bored I guess you can call it, when I'm around a crowd of people too long. When I'm around a few friends you wouldn't know any different but with a group I tend to keep to myself. Growing up a lot of people took this as being stuck up but if I didn't know you or feel comfortable then I kept quiet. Now once I do feel comfortable I can't shut up and I have friends that can vouch for me on that! Even though it isn't something I can completely change I do try to speak up more such as in class or social situations I do hesitate at times. I also use the blog to speak up and communicate more because it doesn't just pertain to my real life but online as well. So feel free to say hello I'm not being rude if I don't speak up I'm just an introvert. Here is a great article about how to be friends with an introvert.


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