July 18, 2011

Bright Future for Craft'n Bettie!

The shop isn't huge but it's been getting more sales lately (especially with the mini HP series jewelry) so I've wanted to improve the site some and bring in new items. It is still a work in progress but I'm first figuring out what items I'm going to remake and jewelry that I won't resale. I'm also bringing in new jewelry along with some up-cycled accessories from vintage items. I have little extras I was going to use to make one of a kind pieces for give-aways on here or other sites. Somethings I need to figure out are shipping the accessories and how much that will cost. Another big thing is figuring out if I want to keep taking photos of items like do now or create something like a stage box/area for pictures. Again these are things I still need to figure out but are part of my major main goals in improving the site.

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