July 12, 2011

21 Things- Thing 7

7. I love coffee.

 I've always been a fan of coffee even when I was younger; though it was mostly milk and hardly coffee it was a "grown up" drink. When my friends and I would hang out we'd go to the local coffee shop and later in years we'd head over to the Waffle House for cheap coffee. Now I don't drink it like crazy (I don't want to get worn out on it) but it's really something I enjoy and brings me comfort. 



  1. Same here! I admit I am addicted. If I have to go one day without it I am grumpy, hehe :) But it is so delicious!

  2. I tend t be grumpy in the morning with or without coffee lol. Though coffee does soften the edges. Do you have a favorite brand you brew at home? I still haven't found my ultimate favorite that is why I don't make it as much at home.



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