September 28, 2015

D.I.Y || Photo to Fabric Throw Pillow

|| What You Need ||

Blank Canvas Pillow or Pillow Case 
I got this mini pillow at Target for $3
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
Foam Brush
Spray Bottle with Water

1. With the foam brush you want to put a layer of the medium on the image making sure you cover it until you no longer see the image. Place the side with the medium on the canvas making sure to get rid of an excess from the sides and press firmly. I used an image from an old calendar I had, hence the numbers, but you want to make sure the image has the medium and is on top of the fabric.

2. Allow it to sit for 24 hours!! This is very important as to let it completely dry. When it's time spray the image lightly with the spray bottle and rub until the paper starts to peel. Be careful not to rub it in the same area because it'll start to peel away the image too.

Once you're done wipe and  voila!! A cute decorative pillow.  

Also bonus: The pillow is suppose to be the gold glittery polka-dots but I just thought it'd look cute to use it as a reversible throw pillow :)

Wondering about that adorable cat planter? There is a simply DIY for it right here.

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