September 10, 2015

D.I.Y | Faux Chalkboard Planner

Since coming back on the blog scene I needed something to write down ideas and just keep my thoughts organized. As much as I want a real fancy planner that isn't in my budget so instead I let the crafter in me take over! It's real easily and cost less than a high end planner.

|| What You Need ||
Blank Front Planner 
Printed Inspirational Quote 
Stickers (Used as tabs)
Permanent White Pen  
Mod Podge (optional)

1. You want to flip over the paper with the inspirational quote and rub the area where the words and images are with the pencil.

2. Lay the paper with the shaded back on top of the planner where you want the design to go. Then take the pencil and trace over the lettering. Be very careful not to move the paper around.

3. It will be faint but there should be an outline that you can trace over with the white permanent pen.
4. Allow to dry and feel free to do a layer of Mod Podge to include a little label at the bottom which I just printed from my computer.

5. For tabs just simply take the stickers and fold over the edge making sure it can be seen when shut. 


I wasn't sure what I wanted on the front of my planner so I did a few ideas that you're free to print for your own Faux Chalkboard Planner or other DIY projects!!

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