September 17, 2015

D.I.Y | Before and After Bambo Nightstand

My wonderful friends gave me this nightstand when I first moved out of my own and I had been meaning to paint it ever since but I had trouble figuring out what exactly I wanted.

Since my bed frame and lamp is already white I wanted something with color that would also go with my dark blue bedspread. As usual I Pinterested my heart out and finally decided on red.

I always check for mismatched paint and lucky for me they had a red paint very close to what I wanted. I only needed to purchase another sample paint color to have enough. I mixed the two together and though I was getting worried it looked more pinkish it did darken up some after drying.

There you have it! For less than $5 in paint and spraying the handles with metallic spray I already had I updated a free dresser. I say that's a win!


  1. Looks beautiful! Yeah, paint always looks different before and after drying... When we did a test swatch on my walls it dried up way too vibrant, so we had to mix it with the same amount of off white to get the color I had in mind in the first place. Oh well, it all worked out in the end!

    And welcome back ;)

  2. My folks do that with mix-max paint at the hardware store to get it closer to the color they want and you wouldn't know the difference. Thanks dear for the welcome back :) Still moving and unpacking stuff so I'll be a little slow here but hoping to get some time soon to put up new post weekly!



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