August 4, 2011

D.I.Y | Trial and Tribulations of a Cat Planter

 Sometimes the simple projects you have planned don't turn out right. For example this cat planter I was going use to store my pens and pencils in. 

As cute as the cat was it was fading in little places with minor scratches
So the first time I did a light spay to cover the black and hours later did another. I was thinking it looked pretty good until... 
It started drying in these little wiggle lines. After it dried I took sandpaper hoping it'd help but it was a high grit so it didn't feather out like I wanted too. When  I went to respray it started doing the same thing again.

I'm not going to toss the project but this means I have to buy some smaller grit sandpaper and new spray paint or suck it up and do it in a white matte finish. I hate when this happens but sometimes projects fail :(


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  1. I hate when that happens when I spray paint! I just repainted an old brass lamp I found for cheap and after the second coat I had to sand it in places because it started doing that bubbly thing.. so annoying. But it's fine now. Maybe it's the weather.. cause it might have been humid the day I was painting it. Your kitty planter looks SO much better white! ADORABLE! It's amazing what a new paint job can do for things!


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