September 15, 2015

Let's Get Moving

I've moved a couple times in the last few years from going back to my home town to a new adventure into the mountain town of Boone. Back in April my dream job at a world famous bakery became available; I took my chances and put in my resume. I was hired as part of their pastry team and started working in May which meant I needed to move to Charlotte. Well after handling my old place and commuting from my parents I finally have an apartment in the city! Luckily I have a majority of my stuff already boxed in storage but I still have some essentials I need to repack so naturally I created an adorable list to help me out. Plus I made two printable versions that you can use for your moving day!


Hope this helps keep things organized and feel free to use the blank one for any addition items if you'd like to be more specific!

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