May 8, 2013

Vintage Finds 5/4

I haven't been thrifting in forever since I don't have room for any furniture and I'm content with my current collections. Though I want to build up on some of my other ones I just don't have the room to display the things like I like so until then I was taking a break. However, I went to the thrift store with my Mom and scored some wedding stuff :)

Our wedding colors are being pulled from different shades of blue, red and yellow. The dessert tier was in perfect condition and the set of cloth napkins would be perfect for making a banner. I want to collect more for banners and to put on top of the dessert bar. 
My Mom had these beautiful goblets and even though I have room for them now I eventually want to use them in my future house. Until then I thought they'd fit perfectly on the tables for the wedding, maybe with succulents in them or a small bouquet. It's a set of 6 so I can use these and maybe throw in a few milk glass vases to mix up with the vintage soda bottles with single or filler flowers.
This is the gem of the finds but I can't take the credit for finding it. As I mentioned before my Mom and her husband run a little antique store, he was doing some picking and found this type writer. He fixed the ribbon and I started working on it some more cleaning it and making it type better. I told him how awesome it was and he said I could have it! It was sweet of him and I now have it running pretty good it just sticks on a few keys. I still need to clean off the keys some more but it's in great condition for being used.

I'm posting most of my wedding stuff via tumblr on Future Mrs. Cooper so feel free to check that out for some great ideas and current updates!


  1. that dessert tier is beautiful! you said you're getting it for your wedding, but please, please hold onto it afterward. it's gorgeous. could always use it to store your jewelry or keys in. ; )

    and i know what you mean about not thrifting due to space. we're in a little ol' loft right now, and i daydream of the days when we eventually own a house & i'll have a few more nooks & crannies to fill up with pretty housewares. it takes some serious self-control to not go home with armfuls of household goodies from the thrift shop when i'm there hunting for clothing. someday! ah!

    1. Oh it's too pretty to give away :) I'm trying to use things that I can later use in a future house, the good stuff anyway. I agree it takes a lot of self-control to not stop into a place and pick out all adorable vintage the things!

      xo Amber P.

  2. ah, the typewriter here! she did find such a great item! that's awesome you are going to use those lovely colors in your wedding, and those items you found to use are so darling!

    lindsey louise


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