April 20, 2013

D.I.Y | Antique Cosmetic Jar Candle

So my Mom has this antique shop with her husband and his family called Union Antiques and there was this set of antique cosmetic jars that I adored. I had always thought they'd be beautiful turned into candles for my vanity area. So here is a quick and clean way to turn any small jar into a candle, without the messy wax.

What You'll Need:
- Glass or Ceramic jar/container (make sure the glass has a good thickness or it's heat resistant)
- Candle (the individual ones or tea lights) the same or less height and width of the container
- Candle, plate or mug warmer
  1. Place candle inside the container, if your jar is short and you have to use tea light candles take off tin that is wrapped around the whole base. It's okay if your candle is a little loose inside the jar, but make sure it isn't too tall, otherwise, wax will spill over. 
  2. Set it on the warmer and keep an eye on it; it took about 10 minutes from placing the jar on the warmer while it heated up before it started to melt.
  3. Once the sides start to melt you can move it around to see if it will fill in the space. If it does then take it off and let it rest. The whole candle doesn't need to be liquid, it can mess up the wix.
  4. After it has hardened again remove any wax that might have spilled or built up on top, then light and use like you would any candle.
This is super easy and you can get the candles for a cheap price at any store. 
Change it up by picking up a scented candle or do a few and give them out as a gift set or party favors :)


  1. That's pretty great! I want to revisit the thrift store by my house now. I think they might have had some thing simular...

  2. So lovely! I really love this idea - and the glitter background you took it on rocks.


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