June 19, 2012

Sponsor In July! It's Free :)

A few months back I started offering free sponsoring and after thinking over it for a while I wanted to do it in a more organized way that offered different bloggers a chance to showcase their blog and be able to do a monthly round up of those blogs. I also thought it'd be an easier way to communicate with sponsors that wanted to do a guest post or giveaways. Since this is my first asking for sponsors I may change it up the next following month but lets see how this goes:

Large Ad
Offering 4 Each Month
Buttons will rotate with other large ads on each page refresh
Optional: Giveaway and/or Guest Post
Will be featured in the Sponsor Spotlight Post with other large ads

Medium Ad
 Offering 12 Each Month
Buttons will rotate with other medium ads on each page refresh
Optional: Guest Post and/or Sponsor Spotlight Post with other medium ads

Things may change a bit (i.e adding different sizes and more ads) in future months since this will be my first month offering free ads this way I want to keep it simple. As per usual first come first serve; please feel free to email me at: amberupbeat[at]aol[dot]com.

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