June 5, 2012

New New Design

I finally figured out what I was looking for and decided to change out the design again. I really missed the old layout so it'll be staying longer than the former. I still have to fix some minor things with codes but I'll work on that tomorrow. After working on this design all day I am rather tired and heading to bed!

Former Design:

New Design:

I really need to take an updated picture of myself, not that I look completely different but still. I really can't wait for my hair to finally even out after cutting it short. I loved it but couldn't maintain keeping it short so I'm growing it back out. Anyway hope you guys like this design too and I promise to layoff changing it again for at 6 months or something. Goodnight!


  1. I really think it came out so pretty! I love the new header/banner. Working with codes is my very least favorite thing to do...ever.

  2. Looks lovely<3
    And that's ok, it's your blog, you can change it as often as you like, right? ;)


  3. Thanks ladies!! I'm still all excited :)


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