June 16, 2012

Guest Post with Hannah Beth from Of The Great Perhaps

Buy less, make more.
I challenge myself to stay creative not by frequenting Michael's or Joann Fabrics (although with those 40% off coupons it's a struggle!), but by using the materials I already have in new ways. New craft supplies, clothing, shoes: they're all tempting, and always will be tempting. But what's better than feeling like you've created something completely unique from your own inspiration? I've found this pleasure by simplifying my wardrobe, my possessions, and using up the materials in my craft hoard instead of endlessly adding to them.

Get rid of all that old junk you don't need.
We've all seen pictures on Pinterest or Tumblr of "organized chaos," or cute little knick knacks neatly arranged on shelves. How adorable, right? Personally those kinds of accessories build up the most in my house and are the hardest to get rid of because they're just too cute! Once my shelves and bureaus lose their organization, the chaos becomes ugly and overwhelming. By getting rid of unecessary little things, I find myself paying more attention to the important stuff: books, jewelry, and craft supplies that I now pick up & use more often.

Turn the TV off!
Background noise is distracting! And who wants their ears filled with commercials anyway? Play some music, or enjoy the silence. It gives you time to think, relax, breathe. Constant noise is in no way a life necessity.

Stop trying to multitask.
It's easy to become overwhelmed when you feel like the only way to get things done is to attack everything at once. Alternatively, by listing and prioritizing tasks you can get one completely done. Now move on to the next thing with that sense of accomplishment!

Take a minute to pause & enjoy the activities that fill your day.
Look out the window. Close your eyes for 10, 30, 60 seconds. Photograph the beautiful meal you just made before it gets devoured. Laugh at bad weather. It's only life, after all, and the little things we fill our lives with on a daily basis shouldn't go by unappreciated. Simple may seem plain or boring, but for me it's a lovely way to live.


Thanks so much Hannah Beth for these very helpful tips! I definitely need to start (or in some cases stop) doing a few of these things, especially multitasking, I do that way too much! Again a great post and all of you should follow her wonderful blog at http://ofthegreatperhaps.blogspot.com/ :)

 If anyone is interested in doing a guest post anytime this month feel free to email me (click on the contact tab) I'll be offering this and more next month for any sponsor!

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  1. these are such great tips! tv for sure shouldn't be on very much! we only do when we get in bed, kinda like our lullaby, helps put us to sleep. i have felt so much better by watching less tv!


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