June 1, 2012

So Indecisive

I can be so indecisive some times (or actually most of the time) there is always those things that bug me because I can't make up my mind on what I want. From changing up the blog design again (I miss having post in the middle) to getting a second job. I have all this energy to finally change it then I get too many ideas and they turn into one massive snowball (bad reference for the summer) sandball and I get caught up in it! I'm not stressed but it's just an annoyance to say the least. Also did I mention I'm stubborn? That might account to 40% of my indecisiveness because if I can do it then why not! Oh well...today has been kind of a bust. I went to the antique show but things didn't start off right (the coffee place I was going to grab breakfast was shut down) I started my first roundbut there wasn't much there and with my head hurting from the lack of food I decided I should  go inside and get a bite to eat. As soon as I sat down to eat it started pouring down rain. By the time it stopped raining outside  most of the booths were covered with plastic or had everything crammed into the pop-up tents. I just decided to go home because I wasn't having any luck. I'm still debating about going again tomorrow morning since they're calling for sunny skies. If I do decide to go again I'll remember to take pictures of this place; it's huge! Well one positive thing about today is I have the day off. I'm trying to talk Dustin into getting a bite to eat somewhere so we don't have to dirty up dishes.


  1. So sorry! Sometimes there's just days like that. Tomorrow will be better;)


  2. i'm super indecisive too! cute blog though :) x

  3. Focus on those ideas and slow it down instead of getting stressed /overloaded. I'm sure you'll do fine with just making a choice and going from there. One thing at a time!!

    Being stubborn and indecisive is a pain haha.

    Were there sunny skies? D:

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