July 17, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight Part II

Yesterday you got to know a few of the July sponsors and I'm excited to share with you even more wonderful bloggers! Stop by and let them know how awesome they are :)

Green Eggs and Hamm is me, it's my online journal of things I adore.  I'm a hippy at heart and lover of all things old. I'm a crafter, treasure hunter, and a sandwich maker.  I sell records and vintage clothes on Etsy so I don't become a hoarder...because I totally could!

Hello! My name is Chloe and I blog over on Lazy Explorers. There, you can read about my inspirations, DIY and craft projects, outfits, and adventures. Stop by and say hello!

Hi there, my name is Bekuh and I blog over at Secondhand Sundays. Secondhand Sundays is a lifestyle blog that features my love of pretty vintage wares, delicious homemade meals, and crafty handmade goods that you can make and share. Come for a visit and see what antics my husband, pup, and I get into next.

Hello, my name is Lauren & I blog over at Tastes Like Love about my daily adventures with my husband & friends, fancy folk, my custom portraits & illustrations and delightful things. I like to wear stockings with floral print dresses, going on picnics, blogging, graphic design, drawing illustrations of cute girls in cute dresses, box set and movie nights with my husband, coffees at cafes, pots of tea and scouting new dresses. Stop by & say hi!

I'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and tattoo designer and city birds nest is where I show all the adventures I go on with my husband. I love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. I run my own shop filled with own original illustrations.

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