August 6, 2011

Vintage Finds: 8/6/11

I went  back to the same antique show that I had previously went to with my friend Desiree a few months ago. I was suppose to go with her again but just drive separately so Dustin could bring the truck. Everything worked out fine except for the fact I was thinking we were going Saturday instead of Sunday. I got mixed up but I found some good stuff. Take a peek at some of the goodies:

Antique dresser $120

We need to replace the wood in the drawers and buy new knobs but it's solid oak and beautiful!

Real agate pieces $8

Roman Empire Coins 200-300 AD (Dustin picked these up) $5

Vintage Owl Pin/Charm $10

Pyrex colored mixing bowls $35 for set

The show is open all weekend but it rained really bad Friday so there wasn't as many vendors out in the lot areas. They tend to have the cheaper stuff so I didn't get as much as I wanted. Also I didn't see the Pyrex lady's booth so no decorative Pyrex or Star Wars tumblers. I'm glad I found some great vintage items but so glad to be out of the humidity. Hope everyone has an eventful weekend!



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