July 27, 2013

Guess What Today Is?

It's my 23rd birthday!!

I know twenty-three isn't anything special, and unlike Taylor Swift I'm no longer feeling twenty-two. Friday I went out with the Grandparents, Mom, Step-Dad and my Brother to Roadhouse (Texas Roadhouse but I like calling it that). I ordered one of their margaritas, which was huge, luckily I had a little help drinking it because even though it wasn't too strong it was still too much. My Grandpa mentioned last Sunday how he was going to tell them it was my birthday so they'd sing, but I just brushed it off and said, "Sure". It was pretty crowded when we got there and they had already came out a few times to sing Happy Birthday to other tables. While we were waiting on our food he told the waitress it was my birthday, but I quickly shook my head 'no' and she said, "Well would you like a free ice cream?" Thinking she took pity on me I answered "Okay", she replied, "Then you'll have to let us sing to you!" I got hooked in by free ice cream, but I wasn't sure if they were going to really sing to me or not. Well as soon as we were finished eating I hear the clapping...I got the spotlight on me and got some free ice cream. It wasn't as horrible since my Grandpa also told them about my Grandma's birthday being a few days ago, so I wasn't the only one getting sung too. All in all I had a great time with the family, and I'm excited to go out with friends later tonight for some Sushi :)

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