March 23, 2012


Didn't mean to go m.i.a on you all for a week but I've just been busy and mentally exhausted. I have a lot going on with classes and stuff I need to do before graduation that I'm just as overwhelmed as confused. There is also that overwhelming feeling of what am I going to do next. I sent my form to add the additional baking and pastry classes but they have to put in account the number of freshman coming in plus other people who wanted to add those classes. I won't know until closer to graduation and that worries me. I've been thinking of job options and went to a job fair but most of the booths told me to look online for job openings (I know right) so it was kind of pointless. I've been trying to work on some of the new Craft'n Bettie designs, get out of the house, and finishing homework to get my mind off all this but it only helps so much. I may not post as much in the next few weeks but I'll try and put forth some effort. Hopefully I will have more time between classes to put a post in. Have a good weekend and remember the contest ends at midnight :) Good luck!


  1. Job openings online? Suckssss!

    Clear your head and relax!! I love your layout.

    1. No online jobs. My college is known for it's culinary programs so a lot of hotels, resorts, and restaurant companies. They were either offering internships or graduate programs which were good if you wanted to make a career with that company. Most had you move out of state for training and I can't do that at the moment.

      xo Amber P.

  2. Keep your head up. It will get let stressful. In hindsight...I wish I would have taken an internship...even for a short while. Or worked for less pay in a field I really enjoyed. Instead I jumped into a job with both because I thought I needed to make money, and it was safe. I was stuck in that field for 6 years. Follow your heart...the rest will fall into place. And you are young. Now is the time to make mistakes, take chances, and figure out what really, truly, makes you happy. xoxo, Amy

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