March 14, 2012

Guess What!

I've reached 100 followers!! Actually 101 but the point is I've made it :) Thanks for all you that follow along and leave such lovely comments. I know sometimes I can be a little slack about posting. I try so hard to make sure each post is fun and exciting. Thanks for sticking around and for that I'm thinking of something grand. What that may be I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards a giveaway so stay tuned for any information. Again thank you all for following my little ol' blog!!


  1. Yeah 100 followers! Congrats, oh and I love your new blog look, very nice :)

  2. congratulations! i know we're not *supposed* to follow our numbers but doesn't it feel good to know that people are appreciating what we put out there?

    1. Thanks! I understand what you're saying and I can't help but be even more proud that I've reached one of those "milestone" numbers. Though, like you said, it's not all for numbers sake but there is nothing wrong with being happy people are appreciating your blog!

      xo Amber P.


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