March 1, 2012

Don't forget!

As you may know I'm trying to sell as much inventory and start off  new with Craft'n Bettie! A few items will stay (i.e most the owl jewelry, poindextor necklace, vintage cameo rings and galaxy jewelry) other than that I have new ideas for charm necklaces, real agate necklaces and more handmade designs. Almost everything has been marked down and the Winter collection is 1/2 priced and most of the items can be worn year round. If you buy three or more items I can work with you on shipping cost just message me before hand. I appreciate any purchase and I'm so grateful for all the sales I've made in the past year :) Also thanks for those who recently bought items to help me out!! I finally figured out my style and want to create some wonderful pieces for you all. 

P.S- If you order today I will have it sent to the post office tomorrow!!


  1. Your little shop is so cute! It's too bad I spend all of my money as soon as I get it... Ha :)
    xo Heather


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