December 22, 2011

Catching Up

One thing that sucks about having your friends live far away is when they live in a different state. Luckily my friend Casey extended her visit here and I got to do some catching up with her in our old "stomping ground"...The Waffle House.

We spent basically all our time there when we were sixteen; talking, drinking coffee and eating hash browns. We all would load up in my tiny car and hang out for a while before going to the Good Will or the Habitat Store. 
We met some interesting people there and collected a bunch of interesting stories. Oh to be a teenager again!
As per usual we found an interesting pairing near the book section at Good Will and found a bunch of sequined sweater/cardigans. 

It was so nice to get to hang out with Casey again and get to just sit down an talk (which is why I didn't take so many photos). I hate she lives so far away but I'm so glad she likes her new home so I'm happy for her! 

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