November 10, 2011

Vintage Finds

Another project and homework done and now a book report and two exams to go! I stayed up über late, well basically stayed up until morning then took an hour nap before going to school, to put the finishing touches on a business plan. As soon as I came home I went to bed and I'm not going to worry about starting things until tomorrow.

Anyway I wanted to share my vintage find from the end of last month. I went to Goodwill to find pieces for my witch costume but did not find much except for this wonderful embroidered photo for $2.

I haven't figured out where on my vintage wall collage I was going to put it so it's hanging where an old photo was. I think it'll go great with the two embroidered duck photos I got and when I find a non-winter theme paint by numbers I think all the colors will come together!

Also wanted to share my chalk board media center mural for Halloween before I change it out for Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll be back to my regular posts in two weeks!


  1. I cannot pass up embroidery...ever. I picked up some new suitcases tonight. Need to get them posted. I swear I need a wearhouse. I would be in heaven!

  2. I've been looking for a floral embroidery picture forever and was tempted to just get one on etsy. I'm glad I didn't because this one is flawless and cheap. If I went thrifting more often I wouldn't be surprised if I could feel a warehouse full of stuff! Which is funny because my great aunt rents out a warehouse where she has a mini-antique mall with booths where people can sell there stuff. I really need to visit and do a post about them :)

    xo Amber P.

  3. Wow these are neat. The last one is my FAV!
    Id love for you to follow my blog, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!

    Cant wait,

  4. Hope your exams are going well!

    Cute owl, look forward to seeing what you'll draw next:)

  5. Seriously, what great finds!! I love your chalkboard table, when did you buy that? I'm trying to buy some chalkboard paint and make some chalk boards in my room :)

    Wish we could go thrifting together!


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