October 22, 2011

Vintage Finds: 10/22/11

I have been fighting a cold this week but today I felt a bit better so I decided to check out this new thrift store that is located in the old thrift store I use to get good furniture (say that three times fast). They don't have as much stuff compared to the one before but they recently open it's understandable. They had great prices for huge pictures and even had a beautiful globe for $7. I was trying to spend less than $5 so I had to say no the globe but if I go back and it's still there then I'm getting it! Anyway back to my vintage find...

This carpet bag cat purse for only $1 :) There was a beautiful one with horses on it but the purses didn't have prices and I didn't want a huge surprise if they were more then a few dollars each. I might change a few things on it but it's huge and has plenty of space to put my junk it in. I like cats if you couldn't tell.
Well I need to finish another paper and then open for work. Hope you all are having a good weekend!


  1. Glad you're feeling somewhat better! I too, have not been to well, though thankfully no soar throats and runny noses yet (knock on wood!).

    Very nice find and kudos to you for not spending more than your set limit!

    Also, I'm so excited about you being part of the blogparty:) Can't wait to see what you're working on!

  2. Awesome find! Cats on bags is definitely something I would *try to* rock. I love that you set yourself limits. I should really do that too. Sometimes I think I can go way overboard. I hope you have a great week x

  3. Just popped over from Simply Melissa Ashley and am SO SO glad I did! LOVING your blog!


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