October 13, 2011

D.I.Y | Mini Pompadour

(I couldn't resist posting Johnny Depp as Cry Baby)

I've really been wanting to do some sort of hair tutorial so I thought I'd share my way to do a mini pompadour. It's perfect for those days you don't have time to wash your hair or if you want some awesome volume. I have bangs now that I just push to the side but I have done this before with shorter bangs just the puff isn't as tall.
 *Note: I was trying to take pictures while doing my hair plus it was late so ignore my tired face and awkward photo angles.

  • Hair brush
  • Plastic Hair Comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray
  • Hair Putty (if your hair is clean run a little bit through bangs)
Step 1: Take a portion of your bangs and little bit of hair to create a small pony tail.
Step 2: Take the pony tail and twist it.
Step 3: After you have twisted the pony tail lay it down and don't let go of the pony tail.
Step 4: While still holding the pony tail down take the comb with your free hand and press it in. I like to gently push the pony tail then put the comb right behind the twisted part of the hair.
Step 5: If the pompadour isn't how you would like it just grab the pony tail piece and redo it.
Step 6: Once you have it like you want it take a bobby pin and put it on the extra hair left over from the pony tail. This helps keep the extra hair stay in place and not fall to one side.
Step 7: Spray all  over to keep everything in place.

There you have it the mini pompadour! Just a helpful tip is during the day make sure to just push the comb every now an again. It won't come out but it keeps the pompadour from going flat!


  1. CUTE! I've never been able to get my hair to stay in that style before. Behold the magic of a comb! Thanks for sharing, pretty sure I'm gonna have to do this!

    XO Shannon

  2. Thanks! I use to just use bobby pins but I could never get it to really "poof" and once I discovered the comb it was like a hair miracle! I'm glad to see someone try it out, it's so much easier than other ways to style a mini pompadour :)

  3. Thanks for sharing on how to do this hairstyle, I've been trying to do this even with bobby pins but still I can't have the way you did on your hair. I now know the trick.


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