October 6, 2011

My First Blog Award: 7 Things

I've only been part of blogger for maybe a year but I'm still a little new when it comes to awards and what to do. So with that I'd like to give a big thank you to the two lovely ladies that gave me this award: Melissa (Simply, Melissa Ashley) & Bree (The Art of Being Cool)!!

Now that I know what to do (rather than just being excited my little ol' blog got awarded something) here are the rules:
1. Say "thank you" with a linking post
2. Write 7 things about yourself
3. Give the award to 15 other blogs
4. Inform them about it!

Even though I've already told you a lot of things with my 21 Things series I still have a few things unknown about me:

1. I'm allergic to pineapple as long as I eat it. So I can cut it but I can't consume it or anything that has been in contact with the pineapple juice.
2. I have the odd "talent" of crossing my big toe with my "index" toe on my right foot only.
3. I taught myself how to do the Elvis lip, not because of him, but I wanted to teach myself how to do something I couldn't before.
4. I love to read though I don't do it as much because I get so involved with the book nothing else gets done. I just can't put a good book down!
5. I'm a big sucker for paranormal shows/documentaries.
6. I can't roll my tongue. I tried to learn how when I was younger but to no avail. My friend Laura tried to teach me Spanish and I tried to mimic the sound when she rolled her words but it sound horrible.  
7. I have a tattoo :)

Now to pass the torch to 15 different bloggers!
1. Katie from Hazel and Mare
2. Kirsten from Studs and Pearls
3. Crystal from Windshield Diaries 
4. Laura from Blue Eye Night Owl
5. Jamie from Found and Made
6. Rachael from Talk2TheTrees
7. Julianna from Ce Soir On Danse
8. Kaisha from Far From the Mocking World
9. Annie from Wattlebird
10. Rebekah from Bird and Feather
11Hannah from Of The Great Perhaps
12. Molly from Velvet Tangerine
13. Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm
14. Lily from Little Birds
15. Katia from Kitty Snooks

Again thank you Melissa and Bree for including me in this!!



  1. Yay! You are so welcome! :D
    Your blog is so cute, hehe.

    Can't believe you're allergic to pineapple! It's one of my favorites and I can't roll my tongue either :(

  2. haha totes diggin the ring! mo-tastic!

  3. Awww, you're so super sweet! Thanks so much! This made my day :)

    I laughed out loud at number 3: my town actually has a school for Elvis impersonators, so that is probably one of the topics that they cover! ;)

  4. Oh, thank you so much! :D
    And I loved reading your 7 facts. It's always fun learning random stuff like that about people:)

    That Elvis thing looks so hard to do! I'm not even going to bother trying haha;)

  5. Thanks so much (: I've only recently joined the blogosphere so I don't think I could name my top 15 blogs :P I'm jealous of the tattoo! I've been wanting one for a while but I can never settle on one idea, I figure it'll hit me when the right moment happens (:

  6. Thank you! You are awesome. I love to read too...but I can only read at night and wind up falling asleep after a few pages! I also want a tattoo, but will prob never get one. Too chicken!


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