February 24, 2011

My Culinary Instincts are Tingling

Even though I go to a culinary school I'm actually majoring in Restaurant, Food and Beverage Management (that's a mouthful!) I did have a term of the basic culinary classes (they called us "rednecks" because our neckties were burgundy for hospitality) where I learned a lot but once I left the huge stainless steel kitchens I didn't do much cooking. Mainly because I didn't have a kitchen until much later but also they spoiled us a bit by having everything we needed right at our finger tips. Anyway, every now and then I get the urge to bring out one of the classroom cookbooks and get my cook on. My only problem is our fridge is empty, well not empty but lacking the supplies needed to make the recipes, so no fancy dinner for the le boyfriend when he gets home. I'll definitely be putting the ingredients on the grocery list though!! (You guys are lucky I didn't save the picture of me in the culinary uniform, they were very unflattering and huge unlike the new ones they have)

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