February 22, 2011

budget chip clips

I've been busy these past weeks with projects and now this week will be filled with exams, YIKES! Since I won't be blogging for a little while here is a quick tip that I thought I'd share with you all.

These binder clips are a great to use in place of chip clips. There are more in a pack for the same price (or less) you would to buy multiple clips. Also they come in many different colors and prints for a little bit more. They're not only for chips closing purposes but are good for closing the bag salad or other food items that don't have resealable top. It's what we use and it's help us save on food items that would easily spoil or become stale due to leaving it open.

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  1. thanks dear! I hope your week off is very relaxing.:) i love the leopard clips and taking a look at your blog you have awesome ideas! im currently redoing my room and i wish my brain worked well in the interior design department. haha

    wolves and sparklers


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