March 5, 2013

//First Day Back

Today was my first day back to school with my new schedule and new labs. I did okay waking up at 5:30 a.m considering I didn't fall asleep until about midnight. Class went well and though we had a lot to do we managed to get everything that needed to be done. I'm still learning to work with my group, not that they are bad, I just have to remember not to try and do all the things and learn to communicate more. One thing different from this term compared to the last two is that I have to create a portfolio from each class with a daily reflection on the item made. This is great because I can kind of record my progress and it gives me more motive to take pictures of my finished product, which I can share on here. My second class seems like it's going to be pretty easy since I took a similar class with my Bachelors degree. Since I get out earlier with these morning class I'm hoping to post more on the blog, but we'll see how that comes along. Well I need to finish some laundry and go straight to bed, so I bid you goodnight!

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  1. 5.30am starts after a midnight bed time is killer! I need to get up at that time every morning for work and my husband gets home quite late from work. Last week I did three midnight bedtimes in a row and was a horror show come day four! I always found working in a group really hard because I always wanted to do everything so I knew it would get done. But learning to let go is such a nice thing!



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